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Wrestling Gear Ideas for New Wrestlers (and Parents)

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

The first thing I ask when a customer enters our store is what are you looking for and what team do you wrestle for?

This gives me an idea generally of what colors to look for and what products to look at. I write about products that a new wrestler might be interested in based on what these people that come into the store like when they are new wrestlers. I'll assume you are looking at Black (and can find the colors that you are looking for). You can do searches for the products and then refine them based on your color choices.

As a parent of young children (who are also trying sports I have no idea or experience in buying gear), I sort of wrote this for the parent whose kids come home and say I want to try wrestling and I need some gear. I was clueless looking for sporting equipment for one of my sons new sports so I tried to offer some insight into what to look for in your child's new wrestling gear.

Here is our top selling new wrestling shoe. Based on it's price (only about $41, it's a neutral color - black and it's a brand name your kids won't be embarrassed to wear - Nike). The downsides of this shoe is it only comes in black and it not as technically advanced as our more expensive shoes (but it can't have all the technology of the more expensive shoe at this price). One thing I will make a comment on if your wrestler has a wide foot - this shoe is not for them and nor is the adidas Velcro shoe that is their cheapest shoe. We'd recommend if your wrestler is a wide foot and a small size and you want something cheap to look at Asics Mat Flex 2 for the youth and adult Matflex 2. Generally Asics is not the widest shoe out there but it is the widest and cheapest. Another option would be the Matman line with laces - the Youth Ultra Wrestling Shoes or Adult Ultra Wrestling Shoes. Matman generally run a little wider than the other shoes at this price point.

Nike Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes
SKU: 366683-001
Sizes: 6.5-9,12-15

Nike Youth Speedsweep VII Wrestling Shoes
SKU: 366684-001

Next often times they need headgear and kneepads. Headgear is usually a must unless the team provides it so be sure to ask your coach before you buy it. What we find a lot of times is coaches will have hand me down headgears or just the rock bottom cheapest headgear they can give you just to provide you with a basic option.

We recommend if you are a first year wrestler and want just basic protection, check out the Asics Jr Gel or Gel if you are a bigger athlete. They provide basic protection, are at a very reasonable price, a brand name for wrestling (Asics is a very well known brand for wrestling although not that well known as say Nike or adidas outside the wrestling community). What we also like about his head gear is it's small enough so it's fits the kids that are peanuts but can also fit an older wrestler as well.

You might ask why the heck we put the most expensive headgear on this list as well. The reason, you only get one set of ears and only one head to go with them. I guess you can get plastic surgery on your ears but we say if you are going to spend any money on a first year wrestlers gear, spend it on the headgear. The Tornado is by far our most popular headgear. It's comfortable, your kids will be able to hear their coaches, and it comes in a variety of colors(at least in the adult size). It only comes in 4 color combinations in the youth size. Drawbacks is it will cost you $30 at least no matter where you shop. One thing to think about comfort is your kid will wear it in practice. I joke when people come in the store and touch my ears - I always wore my headgear in practice and of course you are required to in matches.

ASICS Gel Wrestling Earguard
Cauliflower ear is a thing of the past. This revolutionary ear guard protects the head and cradles the ear. $16.98

ASICS Gel Jr. Wrestling Earguard - Youth Size
Cauliflower ear is a thing of the past. This revolutionary ear guard protects the head and cradles the ear. $16.98

Cliff Keen Tornado Headgear
Over 80 colors of the Cliff Keen Tornado head gear to choose from. $29.98

Cliff Keen Youth Tornado Headgear
Keep your head in the match with Tornado headgear. A revolutionary design based on NASA research. Youth Size - $29.98


As far as kneepads, at this price point - under $20. Kneepads are basically knee pads, we picked two of our top selling knee pads. There are other similar variations to look at in this under $20 price point. The other thing to consider is size. If you got a little wrestler, look at the Asics and Matman kneepads below. They will fit even a wrestler down to 40 lbs (speak from experience on this one - my little wrestler is about 40 lbs right now). The Asics kneepads do give sizing recommendations for their kneepads.

Pair of Adult Cliff Keen Bubble Knee Pads -BK64A
Our most popular "bubble/volleyball knee pad.
Black, Navy Blue, Red, White

Pair of Cliff Keen Bubble Knee Pads - Youth BK64-Y
Available In Pairs Only! - $14.98/pair

Pair of Brute Predator Youth Kneepads-0270
Designed for the needs of the young wrestler.
Black, Red, Royal

Pair of Black Asics Jr. Gel Wrestling Kneepads-ZD902-90
Shoe cushioning technology in a kneepad - a simple, yet ingenious concept. $19.98/Pair