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Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Support WrestlingGear.Com College Wrestling Week

We are working with College Coaches and their fans to help them promote their dual meets during the week of January 31 to February 6, 2010. This week has many of the top conferences in action wrestling within their respective conferences. This means there are going to be some great dual meets during this week.

We are looking for 100 people to help us spread the word about the various dual meets going on in their area. If you are interested, follow us on our College Wrestling Week Blog web page. If you are not on FB leave us a note that you are in - either to attend a dual meet or to help us promote these dual meets.
Facebook Event Page (let us know you support this event - anyone can join it and please invite others - e.g. post it on your profile page a few times during the next few weeks).
Facebook Fan Page (you don't have to be on FB to see this - if you are become a fan - we are over 69,000 fans - it's one of the largest Wrestling Gear Fan Pages on FB - if not the biggest). When we originally wrote this blog in 2010, we were only at around 5,000 Facebook Fans.
List of All the College Dual Meets Going on during College Wrestling Week - it's all the Division I duals. If this week is successful, we'll promote all levels next year. If someone can put together a list of the duals in the other divisions, we will post it.


Misc Info

Just some quick thoughts - Combat Speed III's look like they are going to be priced around $60 retail - we'll see what they wind up officially. They will be released around July 2010.
If you are a youth wrestler starting up in January (a lot of programs start in January), best to buy your shoes sooner than later. Many of our top vendors are really lean and mean with youth wrestling shoes. We had problems finding certain colors and sizes in November (this is when we usually have no problem!)  I predict we are going to sell out of many sizes and you'll likely have to settle for your second or third choice in wrestling shoes.
Of course start shopping for your youth wrestling gear with us.