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New Wrestling Gear for 2010-2011

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

As of now, there is no new gear planned prior to August 2010. However, there does appear a high likeliehood that in June 2010 we will have Nike Inflicts in Red, Royal Blue, and Grey (3 different colors). If we receive our shipment, we will have a nice inventory level in those shoes. However, these shoes sold out last year over the summer in many sizes. We likely will have them up for pre-order in March.
Also, it appears there will a few new colors of the Nike Takedown. We are still waiting on official word that we are definitely getting these in June 2010. We will likely start pre-selling these as well in March.
So long Rulon wrestling shoes. They will now be known as Aggressor's. The styling will be very similar to the Rulon's and will have improvements to the function of the shoe. We have photos up on Facebook if you are interested. Also, there will be a Split Second 8 coming out in what I think are some cool colors (this usually means the high school kids won't like them).
Finally, look for a new Asics headgear coming out in July/August as well. Everyone is trying to find an answer to the Cliff Keen Tornado. That answer might be the Cliff Keen Signature (both top selling headgears). We'll see what you think about it when we get our samples. Look for youtube shows when we get some samples.
Not too much information here. Have not really heard too much about their 2010 - 2011 line. Other than the Combat Speed III which will have a retail price around $45. The bottom looks identical or at the very least very similar to the bottom of the Combat Speed II (circa 2004). Can't believe this is going to be their low end shoe, but I suspect they want to be competitive with the Nike Speedsweep that sells for around $42.