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Red Green Wrestling Sox

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Thoughts on this?


• Be prepared when stepping on the mat with Red or Green
• Wrestling Sox® never fall off
• Sanitary; I never have to touch those sweaty, smelly anklets
• Wrestling Sox® are within the guidelines of Special Equipment
• Quickly change from Red or Green
• Quickly tuck in the opposite color to be designated Red or Green
• Performance wrestling socks
• Be unique with Wrestling Sox®

MD Acrylic Crew
S/M 7" Total Cuff (Folds down to 3.5")
L/XL 8" Total Cuff (Folds down to 4")

Sock Guy Red Green Socks for Wrestling
Don't want to wear an ankle band? This might be a great alternative. Post a comment let us know what you think. If you think we should carry them leave us a comment.