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Flickr Photos for Wrestling Gear and Wrestling Shoes

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on


Now is your chance to take a look at photos from all different angles. We have taken shots of the top wrestling shoes and put them up on for you to review and share with your friends.

Just be sure when you are shopping for wrestling shoes that you check out our e-commerce website and shop with us. We want your shoes to fit you so much that we have a sizing guarantee that we will pay the shipping back and forth on the same pair of shoes if you don't like the way they fit. Also, we take the time to make sizing recommendations on every shoe we have up on the site. If we get a lot of returns on a shoe, we'll adjust our recommendation. This is one of the bonuses of having customers come into our store and try on our wrestling shoes. We get instant feedback that we use to make recommendations on how your shoes should fit.

Let us know what you would like us to shoot a comment on our blog below.

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