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Combat Speed 3 (III) Wrestling Shoes In Action

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Lace Guarding with the Tuck or by using the built in lace guard mechanism
What are your thoughts about using the lace guard mechanism?

We shot some photos of the Combat Speed III (3) in action this past week. It's interesting to see how wrestlers and in this case some of the best college wrestlers in the country wear their Combat Speed's. One might be surprised (in fact we were) with so many CSIII in the finals. For a shoe that sells under $60 retail everywhere in the country, that shocked us. Of course you can buy your Combat Speed III wrestling shoes from us at WrestlingGear.Com

What do you think about these shoes? Which is the best way to wear them? Laces taped? Entire Ankle Taped? Or Using the Laceguard mechanism?

Combat Speed III Lace Guarding
Thoughts on this way to guard your laces?

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laces taped on a Combat Speed III wrestling shoe
Simple and Classic - Just taping the laces was very popular with the CSII