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Henry Cejudo Back for 2012

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

It's official, Henry Cejudo is back for 2012. adidas wrestling has to be thrilled to hear he is back. I was beginning to wonder if it made sense for them to add him as a sponsored athlete. I imagine they knew or it was in his contract that he was going to wrestle in the next Olympics.  I guess with Cael, Gable and maybe Rulon still under contract - there was not enough money to keep Cejudo with Asics. Can't wait to find out what is going to be new for 2011-2012 from adidas. It sounds like they are overhauling the entire 2010-2011 line up except the Combat Speed III. There will be a new color combination of the CSIII to look forward to. We should have those images shortly...was promised them middle of January or so.