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Wrestling tshirt Slogans

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

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We asked our visitor's what are some top wrestling slogans they have heard over the years. What do you think of this list?

What's a great slogan to add to this list. Post it in a comment.

Jeff PapeĀ "We have come to collect the bracket sheets!" or "We are not leaving without our bracket sheets?" What are some other cool slogans? Ryan Gillikin losers play basketball winners wrestle
Tre' Quinn If wrestling was easy they'd call it basketball
Kyle Goodman ?"We have come to collect your bracket sheets and your Souls!"
Guitry Saint Preux Put a picture of a strong wrestler standing over another wrestling and he is saying who's next
Tre' Quinn Points or pins, wins are wins
Ace Miller Date a wrestler na you will be on your back in no time
Dominique Jabril Winters God made men then he made wrestling. So what is a men with out wrestling
Morgan Lujan Bring our bout sheets back to staging when we win? I'll see you in 6 minutes
Darren Sampson In wrestling the strongest survive the rest play with balls
Randy Thomas Bauer lol
Ace Miller psh 6 I don't know bout you but i only need the 1st period
Chaunce Cooper How about "this ain't WWE bub"
Drew O'Rourke ?"6 months of pain for 6 minutes of fame"
Darren Sampson Wrestle hard each period. Nevermind I'll jus Tech you in the first
Lucas Klein Lucas Klein is the greatest of all time
Jason Medley Drill 100 to hit 1!
Rob Wetherhold Hahaha there's so many funny ones ^^^
Darren Sampson Wrestler's are meant to be feared. With a huge wrestler flexing his muscles.
Jaide Nicholas Lowe Hold my headgear while I kiss your girlfriend
Ace Miller Bracket sheets should just be called my familly tree cause my names alwayas all through it
Scott Allan Davis how bout " so wats the time limit?"
Joseph Garcia have a picture of sports where they play with balls and put "Others play with them, We have them." (Get it? Balls)
Scott Allan Davis just put cant touch this or somthin
Clayton Beers heres one "theres a reason wrestling isn't on a wii"
Darren Sampson How many lights did you count? Lol
Sebastian Barragan How about "Sleep, Eat, Wrestle"?
Jacob Eck Drew's is def the best
Scott Allan Davis wat bout this want help gettin up?
Drew O'Rourke ?"you aim to win, I aim to win it all"
Cedrick Murray Resaling is 10% luck 20% skill 15% concentrated power of will 5% plesure 50% Payne and 100 resean to remember the game
Devin Coxson I'd rather throw you then no you
Jaide Nicholas Lowe Nut uh hold my headgear while I kiss your girlfriend is the best ill sell it to
Tim Brown ?" Wrestling is not just a sport, it's a Punishment " This is a slogan we used back in 1996.
Briley Crissler ?"Wrestling, the sport where Balls are not provided to you but you need them to make it through
Scott Allan Davis I do it free but i like sayin my mothers sayin u got nutin to lose so give it all uve got!
Darren Sampson How do you like to be taken down? Ankle pick or duck under?
Stuart Jennings You can stand and fight, or you can run around and "play." Wrestling isn't a sport; it's a way of life.
Alex Keding wrestling isnt just a sport, its a lifestyle
Sebastian Barragan ?"Some dreams are brokem, so others can be fufiled"
Wesley Schultz ?"who needs food when you can wrestle?"
Sebastian Barragan ?^^*Fuffiled:D
Jeff Dewhurst no bracket left behind
tommy streib Bracket Boards=Wrestlers fine art. Rather have a bracket, you can't hang a trophy.
Cody Dickerson Got Brackets?
Jacob Denton football players can wrestle, but only wrestlers can do it right
Jacob Denton ?3 periods? ive only wrestled in the 1st
Grant Buchanan Would you like humiliation with your loss?
Mike Randles ?"You'd Better Be Packin' Kryptonite
Mike Randles ?"Injured my shoulder wrestling. Ref raising my hand too much.
Cody Dickerson Pin it to Win it
Lincoln Glover Always on top
Ryan Carroll How about this "for those of you who think you know everything, you are very annoying to those of us who really do"
Ryan Ruden If you think I look tough in this shirt, you haven't seen me in a singlet
Jenny Shaughnessy Palmer The 1st pd is won by the best technician. The 2nd pd is won by the kid in the best shape. The 3rd pd is won by the kid with the biggest heart. The 4th pd. Is won by the wrestler with all 3!
John Bucko How bout " my blood, my sweat, your tears"
Vinny Lipponer Wrestlers have all the moves