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Stevo Wrestling Video

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

This is a crazy video...guess my son has some work to do...

Here are some comments on the video. It's worth checking out if you have not viewed it already...

Dederick Norwood NICE
Jawaun Lee Lol Nicee
Zach Feller cade everson is wayyy better could stick that kid any time any where and is even smaller!
Bradley Tharrington legs? word
Fred Mitchell Future natl champ for a one of the top 5 wrestling schools in the nation
Jonathan Phuong WTF! this kid is INSANE!!!!
Bo Cook i respect this kid lol
Jonathan Phuong He's gonna be A MONSTER by the time he gets to high school! i'm seein state champ all 4 years haha
Trey Bigblack Kinney Nice hip toss at the beginning
Cody Lee holly crap that kid is beast he is going to be state champ every year in high school
Mike Luongo What a beasssttt hahhaa that was awesome That's where it all starts!
Dustin Byrne Damn
Seneca Seley Holy shit!!!!
Nate Felipe Fallon hes just throws,maybe if he gains about 150 pounds by hs to be a 89 or 215 he will
Kaysen Takenaka hes awesome hahahahhaaha
Terry Cansler That kid is that effin deal lol
Jon Pepsi-cola Roberts thats why u wanna start at a young age or in his case jus kick ass and possibly get a hair cut
Bo Cook bro he's in second grade what do u expect japs and ankle picks? Its ok to be just throws if he's in the second grade lol u cant expect gramby's and spladles when your 7
Clay-Regard Goo Gazoo This kids got nice high crotch! And I love the japanese wizer he hit! He's got potential
Paul Kinard I put this on fb wall , this kid is crazy good , hes deff a 4timer !
Zach Johnson Best part leg cradle
Bekki Mongeon that hair makes it more interesting and also a distraction to the other wrestler
Kaleb Miller Leg cradle? Stud
Ryan McCormic its like if cael sanderson and dan gable had a baby
Tiffany Benson This kid is amazing
Riley Broding that was beast
Jackie Swenson Wow this kid is awesome
Luis Ruiz This kid is a beast!
Trevaun Pearson ‎
Michael Chernesky Dank this kid state champ from now thru highschool can't old him row when ur gettin thrown to the grownswitchmaster
Isaac John Kuhn Babiash That kid is another Jessie thielke
Kenneth Strozier Sick
Keaton Peterson BEAST
Alex Knockyouout Khokhari This kid has a great career ahead of him, he's beast!
Zack Onesixtyseven Jablonski Jesus Christ did he just do a jap wizard? Ive been wrestling for 7 years and I've pretty much never done any of those moves. I like how he was owning the older kids steevo was goin against
Mike George I'm the head coach of an AAU club in MO with an open spot waiting just for this kid!
Sean Cole Dude I'm in the 215 divison and I say he can beat some of the 150 or 155 weights in North Alabama I would like to see him wrestle this kid from Scottsburo he is a freshman and he broke the record this year for most wins in a year he got went like 87-0
Randy Thomas Bauer badass little kid
John Chinadle crazzy asom!!!!!
Brent Mondragon this kid is gonna be a badass wrestler in high school thats for sure!!!
Elijah Daniel Wallace woah!
CarLos Ortiz He seems to like that hip toss(:
Crickette Michelle Pederson how old is lil guy. He is good. I laugh just because I laugh just because they r so little but little studs!!
Juan Garcia This is crazy kid is nasty wit it
David Miller This kid is a beast. How old is he?
Luke Gaskins Leg Crale Jap Wiz 50 hip tosses super smooth high crotch but I didn't see a single double leg blast, tsk tsk, division qualifier at most
Joshua Gomez sickkkkkk!!!
Tyler Ocker Impressive, keep taking the shots kid, high school level head locks won't be that easy. The hip toss is sick, reminds me of the 125 pounder in chambersburg PA who hits a mean hip toss and wins matches with it when he is about to get teched!
Jeff Dewhurst wow that's impressive
Ross Yates Omg :O
Kenny Leaders This kid shoots twice as fast as I do
Ignas Psich old
Bashar Abu Al Rub UNBELVABLE
John Russo i bet i could take him
Riot Sports Marketing He obviously trains a LOT. Will he burn out before high school? College? Or be a world champ? Does he have fun wrestling?
Kyle Sekora Lol Did you get this off my page? I posted this like 5 times this week. And I see this kid going so far. I watched all his vids and he is just as good in them all.
Antonio Davis DEBO!!
Quin Wallenfang BEASTLY Good LUCK KID
Gary Goodermote i saw this kid a clinque. He was so nasty
Tim Brown Kid has skills! What an animal on the mat for sure has a future