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Wrestling Is...Slogans and Motivational Sayings

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Wrestling is...

Here is what our Facebook users say...Wrestling is...

Aaron Glowinski Wrestling is Life
Adam Richardson Wrestling is my life
Ahmad Ayyad Wrestling is the toughest sport in the world!!
Aldo Guisse Wrestling is addicting
Ali Proctor Wrestling is AWSOME all the way
Ali Proctor Wrestling is Part of my life
Alieah HunyBee Wrestling is Hemans MY LIFE AND...EVERYTHING I LIVE FOR...
Allison Harcarik Wrestling is Has changed my entire life! :D
Aspen Younger Wrestling is Life/amazing
Austin Janssen Wrestling is The Greatest thing this world has ever seen!!!
Azula Ai Wrestling is Torres greatest sport in the world
Bobby Samples Wrestling is what real men do during basketball season....
Bradley Tharrington Wrestling is the blood in my veins
Brady Janssen Wrestling is ? Badass
Branden Santiago Wrestling is a life style
Brent Politowicz Wrestling is A huge part of my life
Brian Edward Wrestling is Tharp an outlet to understanding aspects in life.
Brian Reid Wrestling is a passion
Bryan Mongiello Wrestling is hardest sport in the world but most deserving
Bryce Eitel Wrestling is the best thing on earth that i cant live without no matter what
Clayton Treible Wrestling is The only sport that makes life seem easier.
Cory Neel Wrestling is what men do during boys basketball season
Daniel Culver Wrestling is the best
Daniel Tomaszewski Wrestling is Only one way to describe it, make a new word, and it is fuawesk (fucking awesome in one word)
Darian Washington Wrestling is Bliss
David Gallegos Wrestling is Garcia is a lifestyle.
David Marrero Wrestling is wrestling is what made me a better person and started me on the way to a better life, wrestling is one of the most self recognized sports to a man
David Lara Wrestling is Jr fake
Devin Schroder Wrestling is A reason to live.
Devin Dorin Wrestling is Porter The oldest and toughest sport in the world. Also my life
Drake Rowh Wrestling is In my blood!
Dylan Waits Wrestling is A life changer...
Dylan Hansen Wrestling is the only sport that when I walk out on the mat everything goes blank and its just me and the other guy on the other side of the line. pushing your self to the limit for 6 minutes hoping that in the end its ur hand getting held up because its the only sport that you could be the best in the world and one wrong move and u lose
Elonn Gerard Wrestling is Roscoe Good
Eric Cash Wrestling is My life.
Eric Cash Wrestling is Guys; it's nothing new. Both boxing and wrestling are two of the top most physically demanding sports. Yes, boxing you may get more pain in the time of a day from getting punched a lot in boxing, but in wrestling, your whole body goes that pain, 7 days a week, not just your face one day a week. Wrestling is one of the most physical and strategic sports out there, and boxing is just boxing. Both sports require a lot of training, but boxing only has strikes, dodges, and blocks. Wrestling is every inch of your body being worked every second of a match. Simple as that.See More
Eric Cash Wrestling is UFC and wrestling=life. Sorry I just had to say that since you brought it up lol.
Ernesto War Wrestling is Flores A test of a persons spirit
Evin Tylenda Wrestling is For real men.
Fernando Duran Wrestling is away of life...that prepares you to over come anything
Franklin Iheanacho Wrestling is fun
Frederick Bruce Wrestling is My life
Hannah Civita Wrestling is Life altering
Henry Beaman Wrestling is My main girl every thing else is just a women on the side
Jack Walters Wrestling is my religion
Jackson Stanford Wrestling is A mental and physical challenge to put your opponent in pain
Jacob Enyart Wrestling is The best sport ever!
Jalen Johnson Wrestling is A life altering sport...
Jameel Newski Wrestling is Carter Da best sport alive. No fouls on da mat
Jason Smith Wrestling is the oldest, toughest, greatest, and most repected sport in the world.
Jeremiah Gaynier Wrestling is the best sport!
Jordan Cruz Wrestling is Not a sport its a lifestyle
Joseph Banks Wrestling is A way of life ha
Josh Collins Wrestling is An emotional and physical rollercoaster
JP Newton Wrestling is The oldest and greatest sport in the world
Juaquin Vera Wrestling is toughest sport
Justin Smiley Wrestling is the definition of sport, lifestyle, and religion. Wrestling was scientifically proven to help you grow chest hair and a full beard, if you don't have both then you aren't very good...
Kelly Thomas Wrestling is Burch Wrestling helped me become the man and fighter I am today. I love helping high school teams wrestling get better and it's just amazing sport to watch. A real life chess match. I owe my life to wrestling.
Kenny Needsanamehere Wrestling is Mason A lifestyle!
Kia Hhic Wrestling is Lemapu The greatest sport
Kody Kryptonite Wrestling is Crocker the realest sport
Koemon Conallis Wrestling is I'm sure if a boxer and a wrestler got in a fight, the wrestler would rip him a new one. We wrestlers don't get near the respect we should get. Toughest bastards around. Tell a wrestler it's a sport for fags an you'll be lucky to walk away.
Koemon Conallis Wrestling is Trevor if I ever fought you I wouldn't throw a punch and I'd whoop your ass.
Koemon Conallis Wrestling is Oh and what happened when that champion boxer James Toney came to the UFC? He faced Randy Couture and got the shit kicked out of him. Lasted like 3 mins.
Kyle Sekora Wrestling is My life
Landon Oka Wrestling is My high
Logan Carr Wrestling is is life
Lucas Newburgh Wrestling is a great adrenaline rush
Luis A Wrestling is Camacho The greatest and hardest sport to commit to
Marcus Long Wrestling is A will to those who are man enough to give it a try and enjoy it. Wrestling is my life. without wrestling... I don't know how my life would be if I never joined wrestling.
Mark Brown Wrestling is The oldest,the toughest,the best sport.the only team sport where you are alone,one on one,no one there to save you...
Mathias Meade Wrestling is A battle of imposing you will
Matthew Barrera Wrestling is Is not a sport for pussy's it's a sport for the toughest bastards in the world and most rewarding... It's my life!
Michael Sikula Wrestling is Not a spory but a lifestyle
Mychael Smith Wrestling is The greatest thing in the world
Najee Cooper Wrestling is the sport that turns boys to men ...
Nancy Gail Wrestling is Mccutchen-Ferguson Wrestling is not a is a passion for life...learning discipline, gaining a strength from the deepest part of your soul to endure even the toughest challenge. The skillful edge to utilize technique, talent and training to not just ...visualize the prize but to earn it! Wrestling has given my son an amazing opportunity to earn an amazing education ...and do what he loves;) Colorado State University, Pueblo. SO PROUD!!!!See More
Nick Conklin Wrestling is Life.
Nick Kringen Wrestling is the greatest sport in the world!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Noah Martinez Wrestling is Football is for kids tougher then nails, but for wrestling is for kids tougher then diamonds.
Olegario Rodriguez Wrestling is the oldest sport
Pavel TheSoviet Wrestling is Veryasov The greatest
Phil Studnitzer Wrestling is wrestling is a way of life, and i s a battle on the mat for the winner to win and the loser to cry only way u can be a great wrestler
Preston Pelham Wrestling is My life
Quentin Milliken Wrestling is The Best Sport Ever!!!
Ravon Riley Wrestling is Stressfull
Ricky Guerino Wrestling is what the men do while the bitches are playing basketball
Rob Roy Wrestling is ? the only sport. Everything else is just a game.
Ron McRae Wrestling is Is and has shaped my life.
Sam Ballard Wrestling is in boxing you fight competitively once a week at most. Wrestling you compete 5 times a day so there's no time to recover
Sam Ballard Wrestling is In wrestling you have to move constantly while think 5 moves ahead to know what you're going to do next. Boxing is just moving in circles trying to hit a guy hardest. Not much of a contest of which is harder
Sam Ballard Wrestling is I've had 7 concussions in 2 months. Pretty sure that's life changing
Sam Ballard Wrestling is Why do you think wrestlers dominate the UFC? It's easy to learn to throw punches but if a guy that boxes fights someone with a wrestling background they'll be taken down and ground and pounded till they get knocked out or tapped out
Sam Ballard Wrestling is You've said that already. We get that watching wrestling turns you on. That's probably why you can't wrestle
Sam Ballard Wrestling is Nobody wants to watch two idiots punch each other in the head for 12 rounds either
Sam Emburgia Wrestling is life
Sierra Prince Wrestling is a girls life =)
Spencer LovesImani Wrestling is Bryant And trevor...I will say boxing is more dangerous but its nowhere near as works EVERY muscle in the body
Spencer LovesImani Wrestling is Bryant THE GREATEST SPORT EVER!!!!!!!
Stephen Ansteth Wrestling is The sport that has taught me everything in life and to never give up and that nomatter how hard your being pushed to keep going
Steven Kenyeri Wrestling is Not a sport but a way of life
Tanner Paxton Wrestling is A way of life! A sport of men
Tanya Wright Wrestling is ?4AM Saturdays, cases of bottled water, tons of pictures, miles n miles of driving, edge of my seat moments, tech falls n pins, proud, enduring, competitive, consuming, passionate, real, strong. Wrestling is a way of life in our family. And I wouldn't have it any other way. I am proud to be a wrestler's mom!!!
Tevin Rodgers Wrestling is Ever thing to me
Thomas Ramirez Wrestling is everything
Tien Tran Wrestling is my greatest accomplishment in life
Trevon James Wrestling is The Worlds Greatest sport invented
Tyler Murphy Wrestling is A lifestyle
Tyler Rhinehart Wrestling is Tna
Vlado Spectro Wrestling is the road to manhood...
Wesley Williams Wrestling is My life Trevors mad bc he can't wrestle.
Weston Hd Wrestling is Forbes My master without it I would not be the person I am today.
Zachary Kechter Wrestling is my life and passion.
Zack Hoynoski Wrestling is charlie sheen wrestling is human competition
Mark Kawasaki Wrestling is The bomb