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What are your goals?

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

One thing that helped me improve my wrestling results was to set some goals for my Senior year in high school. It's something I wish I would have done my Freshman, Sophomore, and Junior seasons as well. For me it all started my Junior year when I finished exactly with a 500% winning percentage. 20-20-2. Can't get much more even unless I tied 20 times that season instead of twice. It was the end of the year wrestling banquet, and several of the Juniors had better seasons than me and a few had worse seasons than I did. Coach said something to the effect of we have a nice group of returning wrestlers coming back and named off all the kids that had better seasons than me and even a few that had worse seasons than me, but he completely forgot to mention me as a returning wrestler.

So my first goal was for him to make sure he remembered me at the end of the seaon awards. That would mean to lead the team in pins and takedowns and wins. To be honest I can't remember if I lead all those categories but if I did not I came pretty close. Also, I wanted to be a state qualifier that season. This goal really bothers me. It's a goal that was a pretty lofty goal for someone who was 20-20-2 but really, I wish I would have set it much higher. I think you train much differently if your goal is to be a state champion or if your goal is to be an undefeated state champion than if your goal is to be a state qualifier. With your goals, make sure you set them really high and work your butt off to achieve those goals.

When I listen to the athletes who say their goal is a medeal at the end of the year and not specific enough to say, Gold or Silver or Bronze. I get reminded of my goal setting from my Senior year. Set those goals really high.

Much like Gable's loss in his final college match, I feel that goal I set my Senior year, shaped the kind of person I would become. I simply did not set my goal high enough and now with my business and personal life I have high goals for myself (and possibly too high sometimes). That's my second bit of advice, set them high but understand they are high.

My third piece of advice on goals is something I got from reading some coaching articles or attending coaching seminars, it's something I wish I could remember where I heard it from so I could give credit. With your goals to make them more enjoyable is to set them based on effort. This is something we are going to do with my youth team this year. Instead of saying your goal should be to win X matches, we are going to say you need to wrestle in X amount of matches this season. The goal here would be based more on effort instead of results.

So what do you do with your team on goal setting? What are your thoughts on this blog post?

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