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Asics Wrestling is...

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

I figured any serious Asics wrestling fan would appreciate the passion these facebook fans showed towards Asics. We are of course very passionate about Asics wrestling being our top wrestling partner again for 2011. We offer a wide range of Asics wrestling shoes on our website.

Which one is your favorite?

Zachary Lightning Carson asics wrestling is everything
Timothy Kluchinsky asics wrestling is Godlike
Alex Dimas Asics wrestling is the only way to go.
Mike Danenberg Asics wrestling is the past,future and the current. Asics is wrestling.
Jacob Mages the best way to go.
Josh Mytych Asics wrestling IS WRESTLING.
Dino Dirtymoose Saracco asics wrestling is a way of life.
Sam Tellers asics wrestling has pretty nice bag thingys.
Aj Chhabra Asics wrestling is like a map. Every wrestler would be lost without it
Kamalei Hee Ascis Wrestling is a sound mind in a sound body. "Anima Sana In Corpore Sano".
Eric Cash Asics wrestling is a wrestling icon, one that is a huge role in the sport simply because of their top quality products.
Ryan Vance asics wrestling is innovation
Nick Urso Wrestling!
Nick Groves Asics wrestling is the best wrestling gear in the world
Brian Meiborg asics wrestling is what winners wear
Fred Deering every time i wrestle, i go Asics
JuanCarlos Disla Asics wrestling is what wakes me up every morning, my motivation, my love and my life
Ruben Coronado Asics wrestling is what Dan gable is to wrestling, one of the greatest ever.
Jack Gillespie Ascis wrestling is what wrestling is
Dami Adebayo Asics wrestling is the best thing out there.
Gabriel Mota Asics wrestling is the only reason I need while training for a fight.
Rob Mooney The cutting edge.
Nick Urso Asics wrestling is.... wait, what else is there?
Benson Collins Asics wrestling is the premier brand of wrestling gear! Asics is all I wear. Asics has everything, and is the best brand there is.
Jorge Patt the best there is
Josh LaRe asics wrestling is what defines wrestling, what changed wrestling, and finally asics is wrestling's finest wrestling gear provider.
Martin Raccon i could use that right now.. asics are the best
Avery Baker Asics wrestling is what makes the world go round.
Grant Van Hoomissen Asics wrestling is olympian wrestling
Simon Reilly Asics wrestling is like is the best thing to happen to wrestling since wrestling started
Brian Meiborg asics wrestling is equal to or greater than stark enterprise
Brandon Martyn An undeniable advantage
Erik Contreras Asics Wrestling is powered by HEART!!
Kyle Hamm asics wrestling is the now
Ivan Mojica Asics wrestling is wrestling in general
Ashley Siler Asics wrestling is what all the pros use. My team really needs it(:
Richard Selamaj Asics wrestling is the gear to wear when on the mat
Eli Smith Asics wrestling is only a part of the wrestler. Everything is from the determination to win and having asiscs just makes that easier to believe in
Robin Garcia Asics wrestling is where it's at there's nothing like it.It's where you need to get your gear.♥
Scott Da Wrestler Davis asics is the winners brand and what champions use
Conner Jacobs Asics wrestling is the best thing to happen to wrestling.... nothing compares tooo asics gear!!!! its the only gear i use!!!!!
Erfan Hosseini Asics wrestling is your true path to becoming a champion.
Zadok Ladegard asic wrestling is resiliance and reliability
Hunter Nicole Nicholson Asics wrestling is the definition of the evolution of wrestling, always comes out on top.
Tyler Spiewak Asics is the trusted brand of the olympics, and they are the most inovatting brand, the gear is tough, well priced and extemely comfortable
Phil Lillibridge ‎...what is needed in Southeast Texas
Dallas Snell asics wrestling is the only brand to trust for ANY wrestling purpose.... UNLESS you never wanna win... in that case enjoy having your gear rip 1 minute into the match...
Zack Cheney Asics wrestling is the reason wrestling has progressed so far with all this technology. Asics is responsible for all the state champions across this great nation and the edge of our American Olympians over those wrestlers from different countries. Asics is simply wrestling, and wrestling is simply Asics.
Simon Turkin is the best brand of wrestling gear and the best place to get it is at wrestling
Marcelo Barahona Asics wrestling is where you perceive your true potential off the mats, but interpret majestically on the mats!
Mathis Kane Asics wrestling is the cheese to my macaroni.
Ethan Bonnin Asics wrestling is the complex foundation that is wrestling.
Brian Meiborg asics wrestling is an advantage everyone either has or fears on the mat
Jackson Graham is insanity at its finest
Brian Meiborg I AM asics wrestling
Matthew Moy Asics wrestling is the only brand worthy of the next Dan Gable or Cael Sanderson out there.
Tom Donnelly undaunted!
Dakota Colnick Asics wrestling is an evolutionary in wrestling , they have been the top company for ever! , they made me the wrestling champ i am today , they have the best head gear , shoes you can buy and for a cheap and affordable price! , thats why you should let your Asics do the talking for you ON THE MAT!!! , haha i feel like a buisness person
Jeremy Tarleton Asics wrestling is the pivitol step in reaching your full potential.
Elijah Wallace Asics wrestling is worn by the best, worn by the rest.
Gil Garcia Asics wrestling is the ONLY wrestling!
Brian Meiborg asics wrestling is fine merchandise
Ivan Mojica Asics wrestling is commitment wrestling.
Dylan Cordova Asics wrestling is full of hardwork,dedication,amazing ppl and the most hardworking sport of all. Once you get your hand raised... That's what its all about.
Brian Meiborg asics wrestling is reasonably priced
Walter Ponce Asics or die
Brian Meiborg asics wrestling is uncomparable!!
Jennifer Lee Bieber omg♥(:
Joshua Jordan Asics wrestling is what makes wrestling!
Dan Eads is top 5 best things to ever happen along with Yoga pants!
Nick Makrys Asics wrestling is to wrestling as a spine is to a human!
Matt Ben ‎ strong
Nathaniel Preston asics wrestling is a gift from the heavens above. It is open to freedom of expression. It is willing to share its gifts with you but it asks one thing from you leave everything on the mat!
James Smith Asics wrestling is the only the wrestling for champions
Tyler Turner Asics wrestling is what makes wrestling intense. It's where you show what you work for all the hours of training of eating rice cakes while your friends eat pizza all the lifting and the running and the sweat blood and tears you put into the sport is epitomized in asics wrestling
Giuseppe Scarpello Asics Wrestling is wrestling
Christian DuLaney awesome when you don't have Turf Toe!
Ryan Rodrieguez rep
Justin Marcum ASICS Wrestling is the most elite brand of the wrestling gear in the whole wrestling community, and is unmatched by any competitor brands.
Joshua Gomez Asics wrestling is is LIFE
Joshua Jeff Batenhorst ASICS Wrestling is the choice of CHAMPIONS. No other wrestling company puts for the time and effort to provide wrestlers with the elite gear to fulfill their wrestling dreams and goals.
Brian Ott asics wrestling is the foundation of a sport of warriors. asics wrestling fuels chamions to do the best that they can and more asics wrestling is a durable brand that is worn by the best
Albert Lopez Asics wrestling is the penetration step towards your next shot.
Jason West Asics Wrestling is Performance!
Shayne Kenel asics wrestling is the brand of champions
Martin Carreon ‎ of the best wresting brands out there, I mean great shoes both wrestling & running & Asics is a brand that has a something or everything for someone.
Stephen Loiseau Asics wrestling gear on a wrestler is like a bikini on kim kardashian. You can't go wrong with asics.
Nic Rider The best thing that ever happened to me
Orland Brad Niday Asics wrestling is what it is.
Marcos Anthony Vega-Felix Asics Wrestling is not just advertisement and money, it's Blood, Sweat, and Tears. What makes hardwork and champions possible.
Tom Munding asics wrestling is what makes me win each match i wrestle in
Isaiah Hartman Asics wrestling is life.
Scott Seth Penrod Second to NONE !!!
Jay Butt the king of the wrestling world. Who wants to be like Mike anyway?
Matt Morand Asics wrestling is the finnest in wrestling merchandise. Worn by champions and shown to be an important component to winning. When you wear asics wrestling gear you show you care about how you perform on the mat. Beause asics are the best, it represents you as the best... Asics wrestling is...the fine line between average, and CHAMPION.
Daniel Morales Asics wrestling is the the best and original
Adam Richardson Asics wrestling is the only way to go.
Mica N. Sloan The bomb
Aaron Urivez Is wrestling's equipment.
Westley Smith the best thing wrestling gear offers
Colby Conroy Asic's wrestling gear is tough and dependable; just like a good wrestler
Shawn Reid Asics: The Lifeblood of Modern Wrestling
Frederick Bruce The best!
Alicia Sauseda Hot!!
Josh Richey Asics wrestling is the standard
Mason Isbeast Sauseda LIFE!!
Gabriel Baron Asics wrestling is... All that matters.
Justin Dunnell Asics wrestling is the pinnacle of quality
Johann Gerlach tough one! 40...just 40!
Kayla Ely Asics wrestling is like the nervous breath you take before you say "I am going to win". Haha its the only brand a girl can trust :)
Trevor Gray i love Asics wrestling!
Alex Simmaly good
Sylas Smith Unbelievable, impractical, amazing, fobbergasting, stunning, rad, shocking, and every other word in the dictionary that discribes just pure awesomeness
Matt Gray Asics wrestling is what makes the best. The best
Joey Gunther ascics wrestling is bad.........(sarcasm)
Don Hedges Asics wrestling is wrestling.
Mike George The basic foundation of wrestling.
Tyler Haney Asics is complete domination of any and all other brands in the wrestling world
Rob Roy A healthy soul in a heathy body...and what can demonstrate that more than wrestling?
Ruben Coronado Asiscs wrestling is reliable,good-looking,durable, and probably the best wrestling shoes on the market .
Alfredo Espinoza Asiscs wrestling is the epitome of creativity, reliability, and most of all- innovation.
Руссо Asics wrestling is the gear worn by the elite. It's basically the wrestling gear of champions.
Denny Humphries National champion quality ...
Thomas Gregory Asics wrestling is for those people that live and breathe wrestling everyday. From the time they get up till they got to bed!
Steve Kalmeyer Asics is ... and always will be TIGER wrestling shoes! They were the shoes that first got me on the mat, and the brand my son wears.
Jeremy Bresciani Absolutly down right positivly amazingly great!
Andy Caprella Asics wrestling is not just a brand its a choice and a lifestyle in the wrestlers world!! Be the wrestler, Do the Asics!!
Kaysen Takenaka Asics wrestling is the finest choice of gear. They have unlimited gear to choose from. Their fit their design is most excellent. it is the reason i wrestle so good and its a choice of champions!!!!
Quinten Harris epic
Bronce Johnson is the best and LOVES the U.S. MARINES
Matt Jurewicz asics wrestling is asics wrestling?
Aaron FiftyOne VanDeventer Asics wrestling is unique and full of entthusiasm ,hard work you have to be determined to win!