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2012 London AdiZero Wrestling Shoes Now in Stock

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

The London adiZero's from adidas wrestling are now in stock and ready to ship. Already worn by top College wrestlers, expect to see them at the end of the year tournaments.

adidas adiZero wrestling shoes

We expect the high price to deter all but the most serious wrestler away from these wrestling shoes. If you have Red in your team colors, I would expect this to be one of the shoes you will consider for the "off season" and for next year's regular season.

Here is what they are saying about the shoes on Facebook:

Albert Rojas i think there unique and stylish but i wonder how they perform on the mat

WrestlingGear.Com I am pretty sure Russell from Michigan wore these in the finals of the Big Ten Tournament. He is a four time winner of the Big Tens (only the 11th person to do that)...

Kenneth Thomson Mason Those are sweet! Will there be any other colors?

Danny Rousseau dont like them. bring back the old inflicts!!!!!

David Engstrom Yeah, kellon russell wears them all the time

Sean Atlas Small I think those are going to be the Sissy Aggressors of next season..

Evan Wright Love the old school EQT bottoms. The lace cover and colors though make them look like low end boots even if there is quality in the construction.

Javier Cardenas as GET?

Erick MtnDew Ramirez I MUST get these !

Tony TP Pritt make em in north carolina blue.

Alex Bozinovski look like syndes botto

Alex Bozinovski bottoms*

Jesse Yohn Will they have any other colors besides red?

Jesse Caldwell This is red not orange.

Victor Ontiveros ‎140$ !
I hope I can by these with stamps x). These are some bad shoes!

Adrian Spacemonkey Hernandez make em purple and id get em!

Nancy Geraci Are they orage or red? Hard to tell in the picture

Ali Proctor I wish my skool color was orange I would get these

Tom Toth What colors do they come in?

Ali Proctor I hope they make more in different color's

Ryan Nell make em Orange and black

James Deleon i want those

Alex Orosco black and gold

Tom Toth Purple white gold

WrestlingGear.Com There is a black and gold of the regular adizero...can't see that being a future color...

Ryan Nell that’s one more thing that I can add to my list on why I like Nikes better haha

Sam Rieder These r beastly!!!!!!!

Aaron Allen how abnout a black and yelow in these

Ryan Nell thats true but you can customize them

Rook Kassabaum can i get these in white and bule


Oliver King can you make the white parts black???

Albert Rojas I want these !!!!!

Benjamin Bertelsman Finally, those are BA