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WrestlingGear.Com & IntermatWrestle & Cradle Gear Pick'Em Contest

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

InterMatWrestle & WrestlingGear.Com & Cradle Gear Pick'Em ContestEver want to show off to your friends that you know college wrestling? Or ever want to win some new wrestling shoes or new fight shorts?

Well here is your chance. You can even do all the research on IntermatWrestle for the top teams and top wrestlers. It's easy to sign up and make your picks. Go through the rankings if you need to and write down your champs. Then select those champs and put a  point value on your pick. E.g. if you think he is going to win, put a 10 there. Then pick a wrestler you want to put a 9 point value on and so on down to the wrestler you are least confident will win the title. Many of the brackets are loaded so choose carefully.

Here is the link do to your research - IntermatWrestle College Rankings

Here is the link to enter the contest - IntermatWrestle & WrestlingGear.Com & Cradle Gear's Pick'Em Contest