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How to Buy Wrestling Shoes

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Wrestling shoes are the most important piece of gear wrestlers buy. They provide the base and traction with the mat that you need to succeed. If you’re a veteran, you already know how to buy wrestling shoes. If you’re rookie, here are some things to consider as you look for your first pair.

Sizing Wrestling Shoes

Wrestling shoes are available in sizes for both children and adults. Most wrestling shoes run up to a full size larger than regular shoes. When buying online check for sizing guidelines and guarantees. You should also try on different shoes from a variety of manufacturers. Each brand will have a unique fit and feel.

Split-Sole vs. Unisole Wrestling Shoes

One major factor to consider when buying wrestling shoes is the sole. There are two types of soles available: split-sole and unisole. Split-sole wrestling shoes are comprised of two separate sections. As the name suggests, unisoles are constructed of a single piece. Each style has its advantages. Unisole shoes provide better grip. Split-sole shoes are more flexible. You may want to talk to teammates and your coach before deciding which wrestling shoe is right for you.

Tips for Buying Wrestling Shoes

It is important to create a budget when you buy wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes usually cost between $40 and $140. You can easily spend more money than you want if you buy multiple pairs. It can be wise to purchase more than one pair. While it is a larger initial investment, rotating shoes will help them last longer. You will also have different styles for different circumstances.

What do you look for when you buy wrestling shoes? Share your experiences in the comments below.