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5 Items to Bring to a Wrestling Match

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

When you pack your bag for a match, you probably make sure to grab all of your essentials such as your wrestling shoes, singlets, headgear, knee pads, and mouth guards. These are the things you absolutely need to compete in a match, but there are several extra things that you should pack to help get you through the day.

1. A Healthy Snack

Some wrestling tournaments can last for hours and your matches may not take place until late. You don’t want to rely on whatever you ate before the tournament to get you through the entire day. Make sure you have some food to refuel your body for performance. Keep your snack healthy and nutrient rich. It can consist of fruits, vegetables, nuts, and other high-energy foods. Many people like eating healthy energy bars for their snack. Avoid junk food. Sure those concession stand hot dogs look great, but you don’t want that fueling you in your next match.

2. Activities

As mentioned above, matches and tournaments last a long time. You spend more time sitting around waiting than you do wrestling. Have something handy to keep you busy. Bring a book or a portable video game system. Maybe you can bring a book of puzzles or a deck of cards. If you’re in school, this can also be a good time to catch up on your homework.

3. Music

This falls in line with activities, but music can do more than pass the time. Load up your MP3 player with songs that help you prepare for a match. Maybe you need aggressive rock to fire yourself up for a big match. Perhaps you need something a little more relaxing to help get your emotions under control to focus on the job at hand. No matter what it is, make sure you have it handy.

4. Shower Accessories

If they’re made available, you may want to take advantage of shower facilities. No one wants to stink. Pack antibacterial shower gel or soap to help protect your skin from microbes you may have picked up off of the mat. You should also bring shower shoes or sandals to protect your feet and a towel to dry yourself with. Don’t forget your street clothes. You don’t want to put your sweaty gym gear back on.

5. Personal Extras

Everyone has something they rely on. Have an extra one of yours. For instance, if you wear contact lenses, you should bring an extra pair and solution. If you need a brace for a knee or ankle injury, pack an extra to protect against damage.

Bringing along these extra pieces of wrestling gear will help get you through long tournaments. What extras do you always bring along? Share in the comments below.