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New adidas wrestling shoes for 2013

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

I will write more about these adidas wrestling shoes. I could not wait to post the photos of these top wrestling shoes...of course if you need adidas wrestling shoes today we have them in stock. The following shoes should be out approximately August / September 2013. If you like these kind of blog posts, please link to them or share them with your friends.

I am not sure if this is everything, but even if it is's a pretty amazing line up for 2013. Could adidas regain the top shoe position with WrestlingGear.Com in 2013?

Black and White adidas Adizero's are going to be around a $90 shoe.

Green and Gold Response III are going to be around a $80 shoe. (photo to be added in the near future)

And the Combat Speed IV wrestling shoes are going to be around a $75 shoe.

Post your comments below to let us know what you think of these new adidas wrestling shoes.