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Top Five Wrestling Drills and Games

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Wrestling is one of the top ten most popular sports throughout American High Schools.  A great way to learn new skills and keep motivation high is through drills and games.

Sumo Wrestling An excellent game to help with balance and coordination.  Have two wrestlers around the same weight try and force the other outside of a circle. Legs are out of bounds in this game helping wrestlers to learn side stepping and forward momentum.

Spin Drill - This drill aims to improve a wrestler’s positioning skills at the start of a match. A partner is on their hands and knees in the middle of the mat.  When a coach blows the whistle the other partner spins on top of their opponent ensuring all of their upper weight is on the opponents shoulder.  When the whistle blows, switch positions.

Sprinting game - Used to build the quick twitch muscles used in wrestling.  The whole team lines up in a straight line with cones set up 10 meters from the line.  On the blow of a whistle wrestlers sprint as fast as they can, touch the floor the spring back.

Through the Legs - Especially good for beginners this drill works on wrestlers shooting for their opponents legs.  While locking up with a partner, shoot for the legs.  Instead of grabbing at the legs the wrestler will dive through to get to the other side.  Repeat from the back, taking turns.

Mat Wars - A team building game.  Allocate team captains and teams.  Have the teams line up against one another on opposite sides of a wrestling mat. Teams get down on their knees and when the whistle blows all wrestlers move on their knees to the mats center.  Teams then attempt to wrestle each other to the mat until one team is completely down.

Bottom Squats - A great two person drill to help develop hip and glutes strength.  Use an Olympic barbell and perform a regular squat but instead of standing straight up the wrestle will only come half way up, they will pause there then squat back down from the halfway position.

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