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Wrestling for Beginners: Overcoming the Fear

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Wrestling is a sport that has its roots in ancient Greece, but is still practiced around the world today. For those who are just getting started in wrestling, there are a few things that are helpful to know in order to overcome any fear they might have, especially as they prepare to step onto the mat for the first time.

One of the biggest fears that most beginners have is that they are going to somehow get hurt, but most of the time, this simply is not true. Wrestling is actually a pretty low-impact sport; there aren't any big hits like people see in football, and there isn't any running or jumping which can cause leg, ankle and foot injuries like basketball. As long as people wrestle those similar to themselves in weight and experience, a major injury is highly unlikely.

Actually learning how to wrestle is pretty important before going against an opponent in a real match. There are many different types of holds, pins and other moves that participants should be aware of before they start entering wrestling competitions. For those in junior high or high school trying out for the wrestling team, the coach will be there to walk everyone through the basics in order to give everyone a level playing field. For people who want to wrestle at a gym for sport, but have no prior experience, it is a good idea to get either a trainer or read books that cover the basics.

Everyone has to start somewhere. Even Olympic wrestlers were probably a little bit afraid the first time they got ready to wrestle in their first match. A certain amount of fear can heighten a person's senses and actually make them more ready to wrestle. That fear can also drive beginners to greater things, leading them to practicing more, learning more, getting more experience, and ultimately, winning more.