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Best Fall Wrestling Training Regimen

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

For some of us, the start of wrestling season is the most challenging part of the entire year. Not only does it include two-a-days, mandatory lifting and conditioning, it also means - for some of us - getting back into the training regimen we neglected in the off-season. While those who played fall sports had a bit easier time with cardio and conditioning, many fell short in strength conditioning.

Something finally clicked for a bunch of guys that if they hit the weights regularly before the season started, they would not be in as much pain come wrestling season. After looking into it, we found several regimens that are specifically centered around wrestling and getting to better physical condition more efficiently.

One of the best parts about working out for wrestling is that you have to work everything and that makes it impossible to get stuck in a rut of merely working your arms or legs. We found that the more well-rounded the workout is, the better it got us prepared for whatever our coach threw at us.

Below is a brief sample of the training regimen that we found super helpful a month or two before the season started:

For the first four to six weeks, focus on getting a good base layer of conditioning down. This means start every workout with at least 15 minutes of running followed by focused stretching.

Then do an every-other-day rotation that focuses more on cardio than on strength. Three days a week, your training includes long running and sprint conditioning; two days a week you're lifting (typically one for upper body, one day for lower body).

Switch this routine after about six weeks to focus more on lifting and even get some light sparring in whenever you can find time.