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How Kinetics Can Help Your Wrestling Technique

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Human kinetics, also called kinesiology, is the scientific study of human movement. When it comes to wrestling, kinetics can help you understand your energy and movement, and how to use your opponent's movement and energy to your benefit. Using kinetics in your exercise training is an excellent way to build strength, agility, quickness, endurance, balance, flexibility, and mental toughness. Wrestling is one of, if not the most strenuous and physical demanding sport. Using kinetics with your conditioning drills while performing in practicing in wrestling gear can help you further succeed when it comes to tournament matches.

The use of kinetics and conditioning drills can accomplish the following objectives for wrestlers of any skill level:

Improved Strength. Kinetics conditioning can increase your strength during the off-season and help maintain strength during the active season.

Increased Agility and Quickness. Developing these advantageous skills can help the wrestler to control his or her body while in different positions, while also helping him or her to be quicker on the mat. Both in taking the first action and reaction.

Enhanced Endurance. When you have developed cardiovascular endurance you are more apt to finish strong in matches, be able to recover faster, and handle the rigors of a more strenuous season.

Training Variety. Kinetic conditioning drills offer just enough variety from standard drills to alleviate any potential tedium and keep wrestlers engaged and interested in practice drills.

Mental Benefits. Good kinetic conditioning helps promote mental toughness and can improve your confidence in your body and your wrestling abilities.

The primary goal of strength development through kinetics and wrestling development is core strength. The core refers to your stabling muscles located in your body's center, including the torso, hips, and lower back. The stronger and more developed the core, the more effectively energy can be transferred without being needlessly lost.

Before utilizing kinetics conditioning in your practice session, it is important to be outfitted in the right wrestling gear.