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What is Shadow Wrestling?

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Shadow wrestling is an excellent way to develop your wrestling skills, speed, and conditioning. This term basically describes moves that you practice when you do not have a partner, or in other words, with shadow wrestling, you rehearse moves in wrestling gear and pretend as if you are wrestling with an opponent.

When incorporated into your training program, these shadow moves may begin as feeling not very fluent, but it will help you steadily improve every day on your own. By rehearsing moves by yourself, you can train your body to quickly do moves well by training you how to control your body. After all, if you do not have self-control over your own body, how can you successfully execute moves on a partner, particularly when he or she is fighting back?

That said, shadow wrestling is not just a beginner's study. It can play a significant role in the training regimen of any wrestling enthusiasts, whether they are playing in high school, college, or continuing on to an international and more professional career. Because almost any move can be shadow drilled, wrestlers of every skill level can benefit from the physical skills and conditioning such practices take.

In addition to training your body to act and react, shadow drilling is important for teaching visualization. This is the when you are able to visualize your match and how moves and the match itself will play out in your head. When you can think of what and how you are going to do a move, you step off the practice mat and into a tournament mindset. Once you have the visualization of how you would react, once in a tournament setting you will not get on the mat and panic about what you will have to do as the match just begins.

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