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How to Improve Your Speed on the Mat

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Speed is a hugely important characteristic for today’s wrestlers that are striving for success, since it allows them to strike and counter-strike quickly. Although speed is something that some wrestlers are naturally gifted with, anyone can improve their speed with the right training and wrestling apparel. Follow these tips to get faster on the mat.

Training for Explosiveness

Some of the most important exercises that can be done to improve speed are the ones that help you develop your explosiveness, which refers to a quick burst of movement. Some of the most effective exercises you can do to build explosiveness include:

  • Jump lunges: stand with your feet at shoulder width and lunge forward with your left or right foot and bend the front leg at about a 90 degree angle. Then jump into the air and switch forward legs, then repeat the lunge and jump pattern
  • Box jumps: squat down in front of a box, jump as high as possible to land on the box, then jump back down
  • Shadow wrestling: slightly different than the other exercises, with shadow wresting you perform actual moves that you would do in a match but without a partner

Weight Training

Weight training is important for all athletes, including wrestlers. Be sure to target the right muscles when you train to maximize your gains from lifting. Some important muscles to focus on when lifting are quadriceps, triceps, and abdomen muscles, since these are often used in wrestling maneuvers.

Choosing The Right Gear

Wrestling apparel and gear is crucial for speed training and wrestling matches. The right wrestling apparel will help you take advantage of your natural speed on the mat. When you are training, wrestling apparel will help you get the most from your training regimen.

Wrestling skills must be honed consistently for maximum improvement. Those that are committed to getting better will see gains in their skills and speed with time and hard work. Follow these tips and choose proper wrestling apparel so that you can get faster and see more success on the mat.