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Best Winter Wrestling Training Regimen

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Wrestling is considered the world's longest-running competitive sport. Both Greco-Roman and freestyle wrestling are mainstays at Olympic events, and training for these events occurs year round. In fact, the US Greco-Roman wrestling team commences winter training every year.

Winter training entails high-volume conditioning as part of a base-conditioning regimen. Physical sparring on the feet from a neutral setup is also frequently incorporated into winter tune-ups.

Anaerobic Power 

For both freestyle and Greco-Roman winter training the emphasis is on anaerobic power in the legs and arms as well as strength endurance training. Since bouts last five minutes or longer, which means high concentrations of blood lactate, winter training needs to facilitate these rigorous rounds of activity without significant rest periods.

Speed and anaerobic activity are more crucial than regular aerobic endurance. That said, although strength training is important to include in a winter regimen, a plain bodybuilding regimen may promote undesirable weight gain. The proper kind of weight training is not associated with pronounced hypertrophy.

Therefore, wrestlers should be able to keep their weight down year round with a properly constituted strength training program. We advise carbs like pasta and vegetables to meet approximately 55% of a wrestler's winter calories.

Strength Endurance Training 

In lieu of explosive power strength training, winter training should focus on strength endurance. The neuromuscular system of a wrestler is best kept in tune via circuit training, medium resistance and frequent repetitions. Circuit training itself promotes the kind of high-octane power without rest that a wrestler's physiology requires in competition.

Muscle and Power Endurance 

Another crucial ingredient to a winter regimen is muscular endurance training. For most intents and purposes, muscular endurance training means performing resistance activities for an extended duration. Moderate weight should be employed in one to two dozen repetitions for best results.

Power endurance simply ups the muscular-endurance formula and calls for more weight spread across a set of 30 seconds or less.

Muscular endurance and moderate power endurance sets increase muscle mass without leading to undesirable weight gains. Remember that vitamins and hydration are critical, according to wrestling gear.

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