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Wrestling Gear News Roundup: February 2014

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

2014 is in full swing. That means you’re probably getting ready for wrestling sectionals and championships. Since we know you’re very busy, you might be missing some of the wrestling gear news going on around you.

So we thought we’d do you a favor and compile some of the latest news surrounding our favorite sport.

  • Team sectional championships to begin for high school wrestling
    It’s that time of year. Area high schools all over the US are entering into championship-mode. While you might not live in the area, learn more about what happened at the NJSIAA Team Sectional Championships earlier this month. Get motivated for your own high school finals.
  • Road to Sochi Infographics
    We all love watching the Winter Olympics. See how long the road has been to get to the Sochi Winter Olympics. Get excited and educated while you root for USA. We’ll be rooting right along with you.

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