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The Top Brands in Wrestling Gear

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Trainings and tactics make wrestlers, but it is the correct gear that enables them to compete. For a new wrestler, identifying the right products can be a huge challenge. Here is an overview of some of the top brands in the world of wrestling.


Nike is one of the oldest manufacturers of wrestling gear. Their wrestling shoes and singlets are never missing in the major wrestling events and they are always among our top selling models, due to their reliability, strength and comfort. Unfortunately, Nike will no longer be making wrestling shoes after the 2013-104 season and what has already been made is all of the stock that will be available. If you are loyal to your Nike shoes, stock up now!


Asics wrestling shoes are consistently a favorite throughout the world, especially the Asics Ominflex-Pursuit. Their gear is of the highest quality guaranteeing extreme comfort on the mat. There is a wide range of selection; buyers get to choose colors and styles of their choice.

Cliff Keen

Cliff Keen is best known for its headgear. Talk about quality at its best; their headgear offers great comfort, high performance and unrivaled reliability. And they are also very stylish, too! Their kneepads and uniforms are also very highly rated, so your wrestler can rest easy knowing they are protected and keep all their focus on the task at hand: winning.


Another old timer, Adidas seems to have found ways to remain a force to reckon within the ever evolving world of wrestling gear. The Adidas adizero Varner shoes are considered some of the best shoes in the sport. Adidas usually has every product you would need to compete: In addition to shoes, they have headgear, uniforms, kneepads and all the rest.


Matman has a variety of products to choose from. Its headgear is of the highest quality ensuring that the ears and the head in general are shielded from the rigors of the mat. Shoppers get to choose their favorite colors and styles. Matman also manufactures wrestling shoes, uniforms and kneepads.


Brute wrestling shoes provide the edge needed on the mat. The Brute John Smith JS25 is an enviable pair of shoes, built specifically for winners. Then there is the economical Brute Explode. Brute also has headgears and kneepads.

Clinch Gear

Initially known for its success with training shorts, Clinch Gear has now expanded to produce some of the sports best shoes. They also manufacture most other wrestling products.
No matter which brand you decide to go with, Wrestling Gear can help you find the best wrestling gear for your unique needs.