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Finding Your New Favorite Wrestling Gym Bag

Posted by Dylan Skjoldager on

Picking out the right wrestling gym bag is important for a variety of reasons. You can aim for style while also considering practical reasons for choosing the right bag for you. A sleek bag will provide you with style and confidence. Practically speaking, the perfect wrestling bag will serve a variety of functions. It needs to be spacious enough to store all of your gear for meets and tournaments. Just think of everything that you need at a meet. A few items you probably always have in your bag include:

Wrestling singlet
Warm up clothes
Wrestling shoes
• Shower gear
• Snacks and sports drinks
• Wallet
• Mouth guard
• Contact lens solution and case
• Cell phone
• iPod

Most of you probably can't imagine showing up for a meet without the items listed above. Keep that at the forefront of your mind when selecting your wrestling gym bag. If you are looking for a bag with special compartments for your electronics, go for the ASICS Sanction Cinch Sackpack. It has a spacious front media pocket to keep your iPod, cell phone and other tech gadgets safe and easily accessible. If you are looking for a wrestling gym bag that is spacious and compares to traditional school style backpacks, take a look at the ASICS Backpack and the Adidas Striker Backpack.

Wrestlers who want to bring an extra pair of shoes or any other additional gear will be interested in the voluminous Matman Gear Bag that features large internal and external pockets. There's also the ASICS Gear Bag, a monster wrestling gym bag that is designed to carry just about anything. This versatile bag is 23 ½ inches in length, 10 ½ inches wide and 10 inches deep. It has specially designed padded shoulder straps that keep you comfortable while you carry all of your gear to and from meets and tournaments.

Whatever bag you decide to purchase, make sure it easily and comfortably fits all of the necessary gear. You don't want to be forced to carry an additional bag or realize you left something at home because it wouldn't fit.