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Wrestling Season is Here, Are You Ready?

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Wrestling season is finally here, are you ready? Hopefully you’ve kept up with practice this summer as well as maintained healthy eating habits and are in shape and ready to hit the mat. Keeping up with regimens even in the off season is a major part of keeping your game up and remaining a well-performing wrestler. You don’t want to get on the mat for your first match of the season feeling rusty and get taken out right away. Here are some signs that you are ready to take on this new season of wrestling, or ways to tell if you better start getting in some extra practice to get back on track.

Wrestling Gear: Is all of your wrestling gear in good shape and ready to use? Having quality wrestling shoes can have a major impact on your performance. You need to be properly outfitted from the ground up, including kneepads, uniforms and headgear. Clothing to easily throw on over your uniform before and after practice and matches is also something to think about. Having all the right gear will put your mind at ease this season. Make sure you always have the basics stocked in your wrestling bag and you’ll be good to go.

Practice: Did you practice over the summer? Or did you take a break and decide to give yourself some time off? If you’ve been skipping practice it might be time to double it up, or really put in all your effort at practice with your coach. Ask for extra help or private sessions to get your head back in the game.

Healthy Weight: Are you in the right weight class and eating a healthy diet? It is important to maintain healthy eating habits even in the off season so that you don’t have to overdo it when you want to move up or down a weight class. Binge eating or not eating enough is not a healthy way to reach weight goals. If you simply maintain healthy habits your ideal weight will be much easier to achieve.

Confidence: if you’ve kept up with all of the above then you are probably feeling pretty confident. It is important that your confidence shines through to your opponent. You want them to think you are ready to take on anything and have honed your skills for this match. Even if you haven’t kept up with a great regimen, pretend you have and show your confidence anyway. Then keep practicing and get your confidence back up!

Make sure you have all the right wrestling gear, including wrestling shoes, keep on practicing hard, maintain that healthy weight and diet and build up your confidence for a successful year of wrestling. Good luck on the mat!