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Fundraising Ideas For Your Wrestling Team

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Like many teams out there, yours may require some additional fundraising to help you get the items you need. Whether it’s for wrestling gear or equipment, traveling fees to go to out of area matches or any other number of items or activities, you might be in search of some fundraising ideas to help your wrestling team. Here we talk about some ways you can start raising funds for your team:

Pledging contests: Players ask for pledges for how much they can lift (safely of course), miles they can run or matches they can win. This is an added bonus because it also allows for wrestlers to get in some extra conditioning. Set a goal amount for each player to raise that will allow for you to raise the needed funds and then some to help out with future needs.

Fall contests: Everyone loves a good fall theme, and this is a way to roll everything into one. Some fun and easy fall ideas cold include:

  • Scavenger hunt – have classmates pay to enter and then a portion of it will be the prize. Come up with a fun list of wacky items for them to find around the school.
  • Costume contests – same as above, have an entry fee where the winner for the most creative costume gets a prize.
  • Jack o’ Lantern carving contest – have an entry fee and give a prize for the scariest, most creative, or most elaborate design. Pass out Halloween candy during it to keep up with the holiday spirit.

Candy bar drives: Who doesn’t like chocolate? Ask family members and their friends to sell candy bars at work to raise money for your team. You can also have a booth set up at the school and sporting events for visitors.

Sell t-shirts and other attire: Purchase some inexpensive plain t-shirts and tie-dye, glue on rhinestones, tie on ribbons in the school colors, draw on some designs or add on anything else you can think of. If you want them to be more professional and polished, consider working with a company to come up with a design and make a bulk order. Then just sell them for a little extra to make a profit for the team.

When you run out of ideas, just ask. Most adults understand that schools are underfunded and often need extra cash for extracurricular activities. Print out flyers explaining what the donations will go toward and pass those out when you are asking for help. You can include the contact information for the coach or athletic director to prove the money is really going where you claim. Then, keep a chart at school to keep updating the team’s progress and to encourage teammates to get out there and get those donations until you reach your goal.