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Staying in Shape Over the Holiday Break

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

When you think about Thanksgiving and Christmas one big thing probably comes to mind – food! Heavy, delicious foods with plenty of side dishes and decadent desserts. Basically foods that aren’t doing a wrestler who is trying to maintain his weight class any favors. While it is okay to have a few small indulgences, for the most part you are going to have to steer away from that extra helping of buttery mashed potatoes, or that second piece of pumpkin pie. Here we will discuss some tips for staying in shape over this holiday break.

If practices have been canceled, keep up with conditioning and exercising, even if that means fitting in a run before Thanksgiving dinner or weight training in the evenings. Most likely your coach will provide you with a workout plan for over the holidays to ensure you maintain your endurance and strength. Throw around the football with your cousins while everyone is together on Thanksgiving Day to burn off some of those extra calories or take a walk around the neighborhood with your family to check out all of the Christmas lights that are on display.

Count your calories. If there is a Thanksgiving treat that you really look forward to every year but it’s loaded with calories, cut back on some of the other foods you might eat. Stick with lean light meat turkey instead of a deep fried leg, and cut out extra side dishes that aren’t your favorites. Just try and be conscious of the foods you really look forward to and don’t load up your plate with everything else just because it’s there in front of you.

Meet up with a teammate to practice moves and exercise together. Gear up in your wrestling shoes, kneepads and headgear and have a practice match. Just be careful not to take it too far since you don’t have a coach present to watch over your technique. Go for a run together or lift weights. Exercising is usually more fun with a friend you can talk and joke with while you are doing it. Work together to hold each other accountable for keeping up with conditioning and eating right over the break.

Even though this may sound like it’ll bring your holiday break down, keeping up with routines and eating healthy will benefit you in the long run. You will return to practices and matches just as strong and fit as you were before, while your sluggish teammates and opponents attempt to get themselves back in shape. Your coaches will be impressed with your dedication and you won’t be fighting to drop pounds to get back into your weight class.