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Popular Wrestling Clothing

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

What you wear while wrestling or practicing can have an impact on your performance. You not only need to feel comfortable in what you are wearing but be able to move with ease and grace. In addition to having top of the line wrestling shoes there are a few quality wrestling clothes to consider:

  • Socks
  • T-shirts
  • Compression tees, long-sleeve shirts and tank tops
  • Athletic shorts
  • Compression shorts
  • Hoodies
  • Compression briefs
  • Wrestling Singlets

Wrestling Gear offers all of these items from the top names in wrestling apparel, including adidas, Asics, Cliff Keen, Brute, Nike, Image Sport, Pukka, Hollaway, Force and more. We also have a full line of youth wrestling gear so that all ages can hit the mat in style.

Wrestling doesn’t necessarily require a lot of gear overall, but it is very important to have gear and apparel sized and fitted properly. Wrestling singlets are designed to fit snugly against the body to prevent opponents from latching onto them. Note: the recommended size charts are only a recommendation. Two wrestlers of the same height, one slender and one stocky, may not fit into the same size singlet.

It is also recommended to order your wrestling gear and apparel as early as possible since supplies tend to run low later in the season. You will want to try on everything right away to make sure it all fits properly to avoid showing up for a match in something too small or too big that will hinder your performance.

Choosing your wrestling clothes and gear should be fun. There are so many customized colors and patterns that will allow you to find things that really reflect your style. Your wrestling clothes like hoodies and athletic shorts can even be worn off the mat to lounge around or grab lunch with friends. Choose apparel that stands out to you and you’ll be happy to show it off and wear it all season long.