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How to Get More Life out of Your Wrestling Shoes

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

One common mistake we at Wrestling Gear see our customers making is overuse of their wrestling shoes. Since we’re based mostly online, we don’t get a lot of foot traffic in our physical location, but from conversations we have had with parents and wrestlers both in our store and over the phone and email, we believe people are wearing their wrestling shoes way too much.

We’ve all been guilty of it: you know you have practice later, so you just toss your wrestling shoes on with your street clothes so it’s one less thing you have to carry. But our advice to you is to avoid doing this as much as possible.

Wrestlers today now often participate in 35 to 50 in-season matches, not to mention club practices, off-season tournaments, and early morning lifts and runs. If you wear your specialized wrestling shoes for all of these activities, they will not last nearly as long as you’d like. That is a lot of wear and tear on your shoes. Investing in high quality shoes will assist in prolonging their lifetime. Some trusted brands in wrestling shoes include Adidas, ASICS and Nike. The Adidas Combat Speed 4 wrestling shoes are a huge hit along with Nike Inflict wrestling shoes and the ASICS Aggressor line.

One easy way to extend the life of your shoes is to only wrestle in them. Don’t lift in them, don’t run in them outside, don’t wear them to gym class or during regular school hours. Only wear them to practice and matches.

Some other suggestions include having a backup pair of shoes and rotating your pairs. That way, one pair of wrestling shoes does not get overused. Make sure you also take care of both your pairs: put cedar trees in them and allow the sweat to be absorbed. Don’t leave them in a dark, smelly locker room. Follow these simple suggestions and you’ll find yourself saving money because you will not need to replace your wrestling shoes nearly as often.