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Why Choose Wrestling as Your Sport

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

If you’re weighing the options of which sport you’d like to participate in, it’s certainly worth it to spend some time thinking about the sport of wrestling. There are a lot of benefits that come with learning the sport, practicing, and competing. If you’re considering wrestling as a possible sport for you, learn more about the positive aspects now.


Confidence and Discipline in Wrestling

Many sports can promote discipline and instill confidence, but           wrestling is unique in that you learn that you have to be able to rely on yourself. On the mat, there is no one but you and your opponent. You can’t slack off and let any teammate do your work for you. You have to be fully present and give it your all, all of the time. This takes a positive mental attitude that results in a healthy self-confidence for wrestlers.

Wrestling helps to develop a strong sense of respect in participants. The sport is rooted in good sportsmanship, and the rituals of handshakes and rules around appropriate etiquette teach wrestlers to be better people. You learn to respect and admire both authorities like coaches and refs, and also your opponents. Unlike the fierce rivalries that other sports can foster, in wrestling it’s not uncommon for opponents to become friends and even for the loser of a match to raise the winner’s hand in triumph.

Wrestling requires participants to develop a strong work ethic, rising early for running and training, making social sacrifices to practice and compete, and paying close attention to diet to remain within your weight class. Wrestling creates a strong and disciplined mind.

Wrestling Is Universal

Unlike many other sports, certain body types do not have an advantage in wrestling. With the different weight classes, you get paired up with suitable opponents, and you only need to learn technique and style in order to participate. Anyone can wrestle, as long as you approach the sport with a positive attitude and a desire to compete and win.

Many wrestlers don’t start out as what some might call natural athletes, but the sport creates that ability on its own. By participating in wrestling, you will develop stronger reflexes, agility, endurance, and balance. You’ll be come a stronger and leaner person, and you’ll acquire knowledge about diet and health that is invaluable as you age. You’ll also learn important self-defense techniques that could aid you should you ever find yourself physically attacked.

Ready to Wrestle?

You’ll need to show up to your first practice with the right gear. At the minimum, you’ll need a wrestling singlet, appropriate wrestling shoes such as Nike Inflict wrestling shoes, and wrestling headgear. Talk to your coach about specific recommendations or other requirements he may have for your team.

Welcome to the sport!