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How to Look the Part with Wrestling Clothes

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

If you’ve decided that wrestling sounds like the perfect sport for you, you’ve made an excellent choice. Now that the current season is over, it’s time for you to look ahead for practice and matches next season. That makes it the perfect time to stock up on all the gear you’ll need to be ready to jump right in this fall. Check out our list of the clothing you’ll need.

  • Wrestling singlet. The singlet is a tightly fitted one-piece garment made of either spandex and Lycra or nylon. Its tightness is so that opponents don’t accidentally grab your uniform. The tight singlet also allows the referee a clear view of each wrestler’s body when awarding points. In international wrestling, wrestlers wear either a red or blue singlet. In high school and college wrestling, singlets generally represent school colors and are supplied by your school.
  • Wrestling shoes. In youth competitions, wrestlers are occasionally allowed to compete in ordinary gym shoes, but at higher levels, you must have real wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes are usually high tops for ankle support and have higher arches to keep wrestlers on their toes and provide more speed. They’re designed to emulate a bare foot, being lightweight and flexible but adding traction and avoiding the risk of disease and injury due to exposed toenails. Some of the most popular shoes are Nike Speedsweep and Nike Inflict wrestling shoes, Asics wrestling shoes, and Adidas wrestling shoes.
  • Wrestling headgear. Headgear is actually intended to protect wrestlers’ ears more than their heads. Headgear prevents blood vessels in the ears from bursting due to constant blows. Wrestling headgear normally has two straps the run behind the head, two straps over the front and top of the head, and one strap under or on the chin. Headgear is required for US high school and college wrestlers. Popular manufacturers include Asics, Adidas, and Cliff Keen headgear.

In addition to these necessities, you’ll also want to make sure you have appropriate athletic socks and underwear that are both comfortable and permitted for wearing under your singlet. Some wrestlers choose not to wear underwear, and others tend to choose from among regular briefs, jockstraps, and compression shorts.

Once you have the right clothing and gear required for your sport, you’ll be that much closer to being prepared for the beginning of your first season!