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Tips for Marketing to Your Fan Base

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

As a wrestling coach, your budget is limited and generally you have to spend it all on wrestling gear and appropriate wrestling shoes for your team. You probably have not thought much about marketing simply because there is no money available for it. But it’s important to raise awareness about your team and their matches in order to keep a solid fan base and continue to expand and increase match attendance. Here are some relatively simple ideas for marketing your wrestling team.

  • Create a Facebook page. Not only are your team members and all their friends on Facebook these days – their parents are as well. You should be using this to your advantage. With Facebook, you can encourage parents to upload theirown photos of matches, and you can post schedules, updates, and information about your team. Make this the hub for all information related to practices, matches, fundraisers, etc. Ask your team members and their families to share your page to generate awareness.
  • Encourage the use of Twitter and Instagram. Social media is such a great tool. If you have team members whose family or friends are avid users of these platforms, recruit them! Ask for someone to handle posting live tweets of matches and adding photos and videos to your Instagram account. It’s not enough to just populate these accounts, though: you need to interact with other users and communicate. If possible, consider a friendly online rivalry with other teams to establish a buildup to matches.
  • Start a blog. You can post features of your team members, wrestling tips and tricks, workout regimens, and more. You might be able to partner with another department in your school for this, such as the journalism department, where those students would get valuable experience covering sporting events and blogging, and your team gains exposure.
  • Don’t forget old-fashioned word of mouth. Remember to spread the word the old-fashioned way as well. Put up flyers about matches, talk to parents when they pick their kids up from practice, and tell other teachers and coaches.

With these easy ideas, you can get great interest in your sport and team and keep your spectators coming back for more.