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Wrestling Shoes - How to Figure Out What Size You Need

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

One of the first questions you need to ask is what size wrestling shoes do I need to buy?

Unfortunately, there is no easy answer to that question. In general though, there are some easy to remember tips that can make picking out your wrestling shoes a little easier. Of course, we hope you shop with us at WrestlingGear.Com.

We offer one of the largest varieties of wrestling shoes in the entire United States. We carry the entire lines from the three largest wrestling shoe companies - adidas, ASICS, and Nike in both adult and youth wrestling shoes sizes too.

Depending on the wrestling shoe you are looking at, you might be a slightly different shoe size from brand to brand. In general, Nike runs one size small - so if you are a size 8.0 gym shoe, you will want to usually look at a size 9.0 in Nike.

Adidas wrestling shoes, typically run true to size or about a half size small. So if you are a size 8.0 gym shoe, you will want to look at either a size 8.0 or 8.5 wrestling shoe.

ASICS wrestling shoes will usually run about a 1/2 size small compared to your normal gym shoe size. So if you are a size 8.0 gym shoe, you will want to look at a size 8.5 generally from ASICS.

With all this said, it's important to make sure your gym shoe size you are starting out with is a good fit. Our sizing recommendations won't work if you start with a shoe that does not fit or you try to guess what size your wrestlers foot is. We typically get the sizing right because we have to, it's our business to sell shoes without seeing our customers. It's something we take note of when people come into the store and we follow returns to the store make sure our sizing recommendations still work.

Our sizing recommendations, typically allow for about a thumbs width in the front of your wrestling shoes. We find this allows room for comfort and some growth. If you want your shoes to fit a little snugger, then subtract a half size off our recommended size.

Each one of our wrestling shoe pages has our sizing recommendations on them, just look for "Sizing Information" and you will be able to see how we recommend to figure out what size you need. It's that easy.

And of course we want your shoes to fit right, so we offer free sizing exchanges on all our current year shoes. We will pay for the shipping back to our store/warehouse and also the cost to send it back to you. The only shoes that don't qualify for this guarantee is our close out shoes (because we have lowered the prices on those shoes). You can't combine this special though with our "Free Shipping" special. You can exchange shoes that don't fit, but you would be responsible for the shipping costs if you received "Free shipping."

What do you think about these sizing recommendations?