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Chance at Rare Wrestling Shoes in 2015

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

The first thing I thought of when I saw these wrestling shoes was the Kendall Cross White adiStars from years ago. Man do I wish I had about a 1,000 pair of those shoes tucked away somewhere. Who would have known when I was buying those shoes whenever I wanted (at least from what I can remember), that those would be one of the most sought after wrestling shoes from adidas wrestling.

I remember it well because it was around the time when we first started selling wrestling shoes, it had to be within our first couple years of being open with adidas wrestling. adidas and Brute wrestling was the very first supplier that would open up a 25 year old kid. We started selling online in 1998.

The new adidas Mat Wizard Wrestling shoes have a similar coloring to those highly sought after Kendall Cross adiStars. And so far this season, white and black is a popular color scheme with not only adidas offering this colorway, but also ASICS and Nike too.

It's still too early to tell which white and black shoe is going to be the biggest seller, but even if this Mat Wizard is not the top seller you won't be disappointed with this shoe. At just around $100 it's a great price for an Elite wrestling shoe. Much cheaper than what you would pay for a Kendall Cross adiStar (if you could even find a pair).

Take a look at all our wrestling shoes we are offering this season. We have just about every shoe that is made this year in just about every size available. I was amazed at all the new offerings adidas, ASICS and Nike had this year. I can't imagine what next year has in store for Rio.