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Nike Inflicts - New Colors Released Today

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Today, October 1, 2015 the Nike Inflict Wrestling Shoes were released in all 8 colors for the 2015-2016 wrestling season. It has been quite some time since Nike released so many new color ways of wrestling shoes.

If you were a fan of Inflicts, you had only Grey, Red, or Royal blue as your only options for a number of years. Well in 2015, you have a ton of new choices for your next pair of Nike Inflicts.

Earlier in the week the Nike Freek wrestling shoes were released in 4 new color ways for 2015. Earlier in 2015, Nike released 2 color ways of the Freeks that were well received by the wrestling community. They were released at the NCAA Tournament and were a super hot shoe as soon as they were released.

With all these colors of the Nike Inflicts now available, you can almost guarantee that a few of the colors are going to be the hot colors. And that means they likely will be tough to find once wrestling season comes around. We have already received phone calls and traffic to our store/warehouse to check out the Nike Inflicts and Freeks.

Expect to see these shoes on your top Jr High, High School and College wrestlers. There are a lot of great team colors available in this shoe.

At $95, these are a great value for an Elite wrestling shoe.

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