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Cael Sanderson 2004 Reissued for 2016

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Last week lost in the big releases of Nike Inflicts and Nike Freek wrestling shoes was the pre-order launch of the Cael wrestling shoes from way back in 2004.

Many of the top wrestling shoe companies are going back to some of their top wrestling shoes and re-releasing them. This is the first time in recent memory that ASICS has released a throw back shoe.

With Cael wrestling shoes now on their 6.0 version, I think it was a great choice to bring back. Like I have said on several other blog posts, I think this year wrestlers are really going to have to think hard about which shoe they are going to wear this year.

Do you have an unlimited budget or maybe a birthday during wrestling season that you can get a couple pairs of wrestling shoes this year? Or do you make do with your current wrestling shoes and wait until some of these mid and late season released wrestling shoes are available?

Right now, we have seen this happen with our customers. Some customers are loading up on all their early season choices while others are going to make do with what they have until later in the season.

One other major trend we have seen this year, is there are a ton of shoes in the one hundred dollar and above price range this year. You have a ton of choices if your budget starts around $100. It really was only a matter of time as wrestling shoe companies seemed to try to keep costs down.

These shoes are already up for pre-order at WrestlingGear.Com, Ltd, a family owned and operated company since 1998.