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Cliff Keen Signature Headgear

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Year in and year out at WrestlingGear.Com, Cliff Keen headgear is our top wrestling brand for head gear.

For the past several years, it's been the Cliff Keen Signature headgear (shown in photo) and the Cliff Keen Tornado headgear that have been battling it out for the top spot.

The Tornado is popular because it comes in both youth and adult sizes, comfortable, comes in a bunch of colors and wrestlers can hear their coaches with it on. So if your wrestler is having trouble hearing his coach, the Tornado is a headgear to check out. We carry over 100 colors of the Tornado so chances are we have several headgear in your team colors for you to pick from.

The Signature feels like a cushy wrestling mat. The sides are more comfortable with the upgraded material (a somewhat recent update to this classic headgear). I wore the previous version of this headgear way back in the late 80's. One popular addition to this headgear is to add a chin cup to it. Chin cups are available in white or black.

The Signature is a popular choice among top college and high school wrestlers through out the country. Just take a look at how many top wrestlers are wearing this headgear at the next tournament or dual meet you go to. We also carry a bunch of color combinations in this headgear so we should have one or even two or three for you to choose from. This headgear is also offered in a deep cup for those wrestlers with bigger or damaged ears that need to try to protect a little more. The inner cups are deeper so your Cauliflower ear gets a little bit of relief with the Deep Cup.

Personally, we don't recommend this headgear for smaller athletes, but we always see smaller wrestlers with this Signature headgear. It will adjust down to fit the heads of some of the lightest wrestlers. Just when you do that though, we feel it takes up too much of the side of the youth wrestlers head. Generally kids over a 100 pounds have no problem with this headgear and we have seen 6o to 70 pound wrestlers with this headgear on as well.

What headgear do you wear now? Or what headgear did you wear when you wrestled? Do you even wear a headgear in practice? Does your coach require it?