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Retired Aggressors Still an Option for 2015 Wrestling Season

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

The Aggressor II wrestling shoes are obviously the second generation of the Aggressor line from ASICS wrestling. However, what some people might not know is they are very similar to the ever popular Rulon wrestling shoes. While we may never see a reissue of the Rulon wrestling shoes, you still have a chance to get some of the retired wrestling shoes in the Aggressor II line.

As of this blog post, we still have 15 colors of the Aggressor II wrestling available many in good sizes. E.g. we are not talking about the super small sizes or only have sizes like 14.0 or 15.0 in stock. What we can say is some of the sizes we have up on the site, we are down to our last few pairs, so don't wait if you find your size available on our website.

Often times, we will get phone calls asking why a size is no longer up on the site even though it was there a few days ago. Once these sizes sell out in the retired shoes, they will be not available from us.

That is another question we get often from our customers, asking us if we have any inventory laying around our warehouse that we don't have up on our website. Hoping that we have some of the top retired wrestling shoes tucked away somewhere. I believe all our competitors follow the same strategy that we follow when it comes to retired shoes. We don't want to have the inventory sitting around our warehouse so we like to sell inventory as fast as we can.

Which top wrestling shoes do you wish we had still in stock?