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Cauliflower Ear Prevention

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

To a large number of wrestlers, cauliflower ear is a common occurrence. For athletes of combat sports, it’s important this condition is understood and proper measures of prevention are taken.

So what is cauliflower ear? According to Nationwide Children’s Hospital, it is “a collection of blood between the cartilage of the ear and the skin.” A blood clot forms as the ear lobe is continuously battered, damaging the ear’s fundamental cartilage. This condition received its name because of its resemblance to the color and texture of a head of cauliflower.


Below we will discuss the signs and symptoms of cauliflower ear and reveal how you can pursue your sport while preventing damage to your ears.

Signs and Symptoms

If you’re a wrestler, how do you know the tell-tale signs of cauliflower ear? When the cartilage of your ear is damaged, the blood flow to this area is interrupted. Signs and symptoms of cauliflower ear include:

  • Swelling
  • Redness
  • Bruising

You don’t have to take multiple blows to your ear to experience these symptoms, either. If you experience any signs of cauliflower ear, make sure you’re punctual in your prevention efforts to stop the advancement of damaged ear cartilage.

Prevention and Treatment of Cauliflower Ear

Prevention and early treatment of cauliflower ear are the most effective ways to avoid permanent deformity of your ear(s). When you wear your wrestling gear appropriately and regularly, your chances of injury decrease significantly.


To keep your head and ears safe from combative collusions – and to prevent cauliflower ear altogether – wear your wrestling headgear and ear guards. While this form of equipment is required during any competition, your coach may not require it in practices. This is where most instances of cauliflower ear begin and build.


As an athlete, it is your responsibility to not only take care of yourself, but also your fellow teammates and competitors. To do this, additional wrestling gear will help prevent cauliflower ear in both you and your sparring mates:


Wrestling moves can take your body in an array of directions – with no certainly that your knee or foot won’t end up hitting your competitors’ ears (and vice versa). Wrestling knee pads and wrestling shoes are designed to flow with your motions safely, and minimize the impact of collusions.


Find the headgear and wrestling equipment you’re looking for to perform your best and remain safe on the mat while Wrestling.