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2015 - 2016 Wrestling Shoes in Review

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

The 2015 - 2016 wrestling season is starting to heat up with the end of the year State Finals really not all that far away for most high school aged wrestlers. Of course there are a ton of youth and grade school wrestlers starting in January (and some have been going since November). And there are still some more wrestlers vying for an NCAA or other Collegiate title in the coming months too.

In previous years there have been some good attempts by other manufacturers to start or continue to compete in the wrestling shoe market. That pretty much came to an end with this season. The "Big 3" ASICS, Nike and adidas were pretty much the main brands selling wrestling shoes this year. Others for the most part decided to exit the market. We are excited about the rumors of a bigger player entering the market. We don't have really any details, but man do we hope to sell their shoes if they make them next year.

ASICS wrestling tried to bring some new shoes out in January 2016 sort of a mid year shoe. All of those shoes are selling well and I suspect in short supply (at least from what we can see at our competitor's websites). If you want one of those mid-year shoes, you better order them sooner than later. There are a ton of new wrestling shoes from ASICS in the works for July 2016. We suspect with 2016 being an Olympic year, everyone including ASICS will bring their A game when it comes to wrestling shoes for 2016. We suspect there will be an ultra high end shoe North of $150 for this year too. It seems the Big 3 are all going to have an ultra high end shoe for 2016.

As for hot shoes, you might want to grab up a pair of White Black Aggressors while they are still available. They are sold out most places. A great alternative is the Black Aggressors. Black shoes always sell well and are usually inventoried well too. We were surprised with how well the White Black Aggressors sold and are bummed we can't get more of them. We should have known better, White and Black shoes no matter the brand tend to sell well for us.

What can we say for Nike. From announcing they are getting out of the wrestling shoe market a couple years ago to now being back in, Nike wrestling definitely made it's mark in 2015. Everyone here

Nike Freek wrestling shoes came back in 2015.

at WrestlingGear.Com remembers the day the Freeks were reissued. It was a busy day for us. With limited distribution, these Freeks were hard to find if you waited more than a day or two after they were released. Considering these shoes were selling for $400 in used condition (maybe a slight exaggeration) on bidding websites, they were a bargin at $125 brand new! You can see these Nike Freeks all over the college ranks this year. Many of the top colleges in the country brought these shoes in as their main wrestling shoe. Both ASICS and adidas have their share of top college teams too. The Nike Inflicts were a hot shoe too this year. They might even be a little more difficult to find than the Nike Freeks now. Certainly in popular sizes in a couple of the top colors are very tough if not impossible to find online.

Last and certainly not least, adidas wrestling is always a major player in the wrestling shoe business. adidas wrestling was the first wrestling company to open us up way back in 1998. When they were part of Brute/adidas wrestling back in the day. adidas was first to put out there their ultra high end 2016 Rio shoe which we expect to cater to that serious wrestler with the ability to save up some cash to spend on their wrestling shoes. Luckily this shoe is a good colorway, mostly white with a little bit of red in it. We have not seen it except in pictures. The Varners and the Mat Wizards were two of their bigger sellers this year. Hard to believe Varner lost to the World Champion in his quest to make the USA World Team. Just like they have done in the past, they will issue mid-year shoes to try to increase some sales of shoes as the season starts to wind down. The Royal Blue Varners should sell well especially once Freestyle and Greco Roman season starts in the Spring time. They will match a red/blue Freestyle/Greco Roman singlet well. Just like the White Black Freeks and the White and Black Aggressors the White and Black Mat Wizards sold well this season. We have not seen everything that is in the works for adidas wrestling in 2016. We have seen a couple snap shots of their sponsored athletes with the 2016 shoes. Like we said earlier, everyone will likely bring out their top wrestling shoes in 2016.

So what did we miss? What are your thoughts on this season's wrestling shoes?