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Perform Better in the Right Wrestling Shoes

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Are you looking to maximize your performance on the mat? Did you know your wrestling gear has a significant pull when it comes to your effectiveness and efficiency as a competitive wrestler?


Just like what food you place in your body has an effect on how well you execute, your wrestling gear plays a vital role in how well you move on the mat, dominate your opponent, and finish victoriously.


We’ve previously discussed how to choose the perfect wrestling shoe, including factors like design, functionality, and materials. It’s also important to choose your wrestling shoes based on the following three factors:


1. Traction

You have a long list of moves you’re ready to engage on your competitor – maneuvers, attacks, aerial techniques, holds, throws. And while a lot of your success comes from your upper and lower body strength, it can also be attributed to the traction your wrestling shoes offer.

Look for rubber soles that:

  • Offer a subtle stick to the wrestling mat
  • Have a raised, shaped tread
  • Move freely with you


2. Support

Every wrestler requires a different level of support from their wrestling shoes. Wrestling shoes often vary in cut (wide, narrow, and ankle height), lace height, ankle strap closures, and outsole support.

For more supportive wrestling shoes, look for:

  • A high level of outsole support, like the DuoSole® Outsole offered from the ASICS Aggressor 2 LE wrestling shoe
  • A high ankle strap closure, like the supportive strap offered from the Nike Inflict wrestling shoe
  • A high lace system, as seen in the Adidas Mat Wizard wrestling shoe


3. Longevity

The life of your wrestling gear is dependent on the quality of materials used. When choosing a wrestling shoe to increase your game, take special note of the materials used, the construction of the shoe, and the reviews from current and previous athletes who have worn the shoe.

For a long-lasting wrestling shoe, look for:

  • Synthetic performance fabrics that support and reinforce the shoe’s movement
  • A breathable mesh body
  • A rubber outsole that is molded to durable, flexible fabric


Find the wresting shoe that fits your game, and every piece of equipment that will help you reach that next level of greatness at