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Proper Wrestling Practice Etiquette

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Show Up Early, Leave Late

It's expected that each wrestler should show up to practice on time, but getting there 10 minutes early is even better. By arriving early, you can ensure you have ample time to warm up and get to the mat the minute practice is scheduled to start. It also shows your coach that you are dedicated to the team and ready to get to work. You can also use this time to bond with your teammates and discuss any questions or issues with your coach.

And remember, just because you show up early doesn't mean you should leave early. Leaving practice early is rude to your coach and your teammates, and it shows that you aren't as committed to the team as you could be. If possible, try to be the first to arrive and the last to leave.

Practice Proper Hygiene

Bad hygiene isn't just bad for you, it can affect your whole team. Not taking good care of yourself on and off the mat can lead to the spread of disease and make it difficult for other teammates to interact with you. To practice good hygiene, remember to always shower after practice, keep your wrestling gear clean, wear deodorant, and keep your finger and toenails trimmed and clean.

Respect Your Training Facility

Your wrestling room should fill your team with pride, which is why it's important that you respect your facility and strive to keep it clean and organized. To show your training facility some respect, remember not to leave your wrestling shoes and other gear lying around, clean up any garbage you see around the room, and take responsibility if you do any damage.

By following these simple wrestling practice etiquette guidelines, you can help ensure a great season not only for yourself, but for your teammates as well.