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Conor McGregor Interview after UFC 196 Loss

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

I saw this interview and had to share it on our wrestling page. I think we lose sight of the athlete's true personality when we only see them trying to sell fights and get more people interested in their fights. I think it's great marketing and definitely something that wrestling and really any person or business can learn from.

Make your business or your sport worthy of being talked about. Make it fun. Make it exciting. Give great interviews. Great interviews like this one I shared below.

I think just about any athlete can learn something from this interview. Even if you are a professional fighter, an executive with a company, and of course even a grade school or amateur wrestler. Take responsibility for what happened out there, figure out what you did wrong, accept that you are going to have to go back to the drawing board (when he says he would need to fight bigger guys differently). I just think all in all...a great interview. One I will show my kids for sure!

Here it is enjoy!