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Sammy Brooks - Will His Mullet be a National Champion?

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

Hard to believe I have known the Brooks family for quite some time. I was surprised to see him become a youtube sensation. I was not surprised to see him doing very well at the University of Iowa. I have to admit it was a great interview and so far has racked up just shy of 300,000 views on Youtube. Will he match Stevo's viral video? Probably not, but we were one of the first to help spread the word about Stevo so who knows. Maybe Sammy Brooks will be known just as "Sammy."
Sam Brooks wrestled at Oak Park High School based in Oak Park (go figure), Illinois. Oak Park, IL is not too far away from our store/warehouse in Elmhurst, IL (both Elmhurst and Oak Park would be considered suburbs of Chicago). It was pretty cool to see he is a Big Ten Champion now!
Here is the interview on the Big Ten Network. Help spread this interview around the web. Maybe we can help him catch Stevo!

And just in case you don't know who Stevo is, here he is...

Maybe we can help get Stevo to 8,000,000 views of this video. To this day, one of my son's will ask me to play this video for him from time to time. It still gets him pumped up!