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Take Your Game to the Next Level With a Wrestling Journal

Posted by Jeffrey Pape on

If you want to enhance your wrestling skills, one of the best things you can do is start a wrestling journal. A wrestling journal is a log or notebook where you collect written exercises you can use to improve your abilities. Here are some tips for keeping an effective wrestling journal:

  • Improve your technical knowledge by keeping a "technique encyclopedia" in your wrestling journal. Simply record everything you know about a specific technique right after you learn it. Be sure to include information like:
  • Specific positions or movements you may have trouble remembering
    • Set-ups and finishes that are part of the technique
    • Anything you need to improve on for this technique
    • When and how you should use this technique
  • Set specific goals for yourself. Write down both your short- and long-term goals so they stay at the forefront of your mind. Review your goals on a daily basis to help yourself stay focused and motivated.
  • Help maintain, gain or cut weight by keeping a nutrition log in your wrestling journal. A nutrition log can help you identify patterns in when and how you eat, which can help you accomplish your weight goals. In your nutrition log, you should record any important information about your diet, such as:
    • Pre-planned meals
    • Daily calorie intake
    • Body fat percentage
    • Current weight
  • Measure and improve your performance with specific moves or workouts by adding a training log section to your wrestling journal. You can track any exercises you perform to keep tabs on your improvement, and recording your training can also help keep you accountable for how much effort you put into training. Some ideas for specific things to record include:
  • Running: when, how far, how long, type of exercise (i.e. sprints vs. distance), etc.
    • Weight training: amount of weight, number of reps, types of exercises, etc.

Keeping a detailed wrestling journal is a great way to monitor your progress as a wrestler, improve your skills and stay motivated. Along with using quality wrestling shoes and other wrestling gear, starting a wrestling journal is one of the best things you can do to take your game to the next level.